Tom Ford Lipstick REVIEW

I was recently lucky enough to be bought a beautiful Tom Ford lipstick by an amazing friend. This is something I would only ever buy myself if I could really justify the price, because lets be honest, £27 is a hell of a lot to pay for only one lipstick. But receiving it as a gift was awesome!


Despite the insane price tag, this really is a great lipstick. The texture is like butter, and it melts onto lips smoothly and without any patchiness. Another thing, the packaging is stunning. The shiny black and gold is so chic, but you would expect no less from Tom Ford, of course. However, don’t be deceived by the tiny size of this lipstick, you really do get a lot of product in the bullet, the size just makes it easier to travel with!


I received one of the most absolutely stunning and unique shades I have ever seen in a lipstick, a beautiful gold/pearlescent colour which just sparkles on the lips in the most incredible way. It’s the perfect lipstick to use in the centre of the lips to create more of a pouty look, or on its own for a natural but glamorous shimmer. This shade is called Rory, and is included in the Lips and Boys collection from Tom Ford. This collection is in honour of all the men which have inspired Tom Ford in his life, which is a really cute and fun idea!

IMG_0460  IMG_0462

No matter how incredible this lipstick is, I’m not gonna lie, it’s still pretty pricey for what it is. However, this does make an incredible gift, (trust me, I know!) and is definitely worth the investment if it’s a shade you really love, like this one is for me. But if you are thinking of buying one, make sure you do your research first and find a shade you are happy to spend this much money on, because Tom Ford lipsticks can be as expensive as £38! It might just be worth it though, simply to own a Tom Ford lipstick.

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