Where I’m Taking my Blog in 2019

Happy New Year folks! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are feeling ready to tackle 2019 – I’m still kind of in relax mode but I’m trying to make myself a little more productive.

2018 was the best year so far for my blog, I had my first ever #ad on Instagram and I changed up my style to really feel like a true expression of myself. I’m the happiest I’ve been with how my blog is going, but obviously I’m hoping for even bigger and better things this year.

The Auburn Agenda will be turning three years old in a couple of weeks – which is kind of insane to me, it’s gone by so quickly – and I’m determined to make 2019 my best year of blogging yet. I can’t foresee myself completely changing anything about my blog at the moment, but I do have a plan of where I want this blog to go in 2019.

1. Focus more on fashion content. Now this doesn’t mean I’ll be completely ignoring beauty or skincare – if anything, I’m more interested in skincare now than I ever have been – but I do want to do more fashion posts.

I originally created this blog to be fashion-oriented and kind of fell into the beauty category because it was easier to create a lot of content for, but my tastes in makeup have changed and I just don’t wear as much as I used to. I’m not as interested in bold eye looks that I can do tutorials for – I’m mainly just in to glowy skin and beachy makeup – so I mostly prefer doing product reviews/favourites posts for beauty!

I posted more about fashion at the end of 2018 and absolutely loved it, so I really want to continue that into this year too.

2. Improve my photography and stay creative. Every year I make it a goal to improve my photography – and I really felt like I achieved that last year – but there’s always improvements to be made. I absolutely loved using photography as my creative outlet and trying to get unique and interesting photos, so I definitely want to keep up that creativity in 2019. I also want to do more of my photography tips posts because I love creating those!

I want to try getting more photos in different places, which is a little tricky when it’s just me and my tripod, but I have some interesting location ideas which I’d really like to try out this year. Watch this space!

3. Stay consistent. It sometimes gets a little difficult to consistently post on here when I have a lot of deadlines for university, but I’m determined to get better at preparing posts in advance so I have things ready if I’m too busy doing essays. Having some backup posts in drafts should also mean that the quality of my posts will be better, because I won’t be rushing to just get anything up.

This will probably be my most difficult change to make because I suck at doing things in advance, but hopefully I can use any breaks I have to just write write write (and take a million photos).

So those are the changes I hope to make to my blog in 2019, I’m really excited to see where this year takes me. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are as excited as I am to watch this blog change and grow for the better! See you next time,

A x

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