Winter Skincare Saviours with Dermalogica

It’s that time of year again that makes every dry-skinned person’s heart sink, the time of year when the blistering cold makes already Sahara-like skin even worse. Yes, I’m talking about winter.

My skin is at its best during the summer months, and I do everything in my power to keep it looking that good all year long – though not always very successfully. Fortunately for me, Dermalogica sent me over an early Christmas present containing their winter skincare saviours, so I could have a full routine that combats this harsh weather.

I already love so many Dermalogica products and use quite a few during winter to keep my skin hydrated and happy, but it’s really nice to have a full routine dedicated to the winter weather.

I’ve been trying these out for about a week now and I’m noticing that my skin is already a lot less flaky and looking more dewy, so I thought I would share with you all my full review!


I use and love the original Precleanse already, but I’d never tried out the balm before. This is a lot thicker than the original oil but melts down to a similar consistency, perfectly breaking down all my makeup.

I like that this is thicker because it definitely feels more hydrating, which is perfect for this time of year. This melts my makeup off completely and is such an essential in my double-cleanse routine – it’s become a winter staple for sure!


Another product I had yet to try; I absolutely love their Special Cleansing Gel so I was sure I would love a more moisturising alternative.

I’ve tried some moisturising cleansers that feel more like a moisturiser and leave a film on my skin – this is nothing like that. This still has a gel consistency but is just a tiny bit richer, and does a great job of cleaning my skin without stripping it of any oils.

I do find I need to use a little more of this than a regular cleanser to build up a really good lather, but it’s worth it for how hydrated my skin feels afterwards.


I’ve tried the Rapid Reveal Peel in the past after receiving one in my Dermalogica advent calendar last year, but I completely forgot how much I love these.

You get one use per tube and only need to leave it on for between 3-7 minutes to see results, depending on how sensitive your skin is. I leave this on for about 5 minutes and use it once a week to exfoliate the skin and leave my face looking a lot brighter and smoother – it’s definitely great if you want to get rid of dull winter skin!


This is a product I use daily, so I was so grateful to receive another. This is basically a cross between a serum and a toner which helps to soothe skin and reduce redness – basically dream skin in a bottle.

I love using this in a morning because it’s so cooling so it really helps to depuff the skin, and this always helps to calm my skin down whenever something flares it up.


This is my favourite moisturiser ever, and is absolutely a must-have for me during winter. I actually just bought myself a new one, but I’m always glad to have a backup!

This is such a rich moisturiser so it’s perfect for super dry skin, but it never feels heavy or greasy so I love wearing it during the day under makeup as well as using it as my night cream. If you have dry skin you need to try this.


I have always wanted to try this product out, so I was so excited to see it was included! This is a facial oil that you can use prior to your moisturiser or mix it in to add extra hydration. It’s also Ultra Calming to help soothe sensitive skin – so essentially it’s my dream skincare item.

I mix about two drops of this into my moisturiser in the morning and four in the evening to really amp up the hydration and make sure my skin is moisturised and radiant.


This is a new product for Dermalogica and possibly one of the things I was most excited to try. My lips are always dry no matter what I use, so I had high hopes that this would fix them.

This is more of a lip mask or cream than a balm, so I definitely wouldn’t want to use it during the day because it’s a little thick and heavy – but since it’s a night treatment that isn’t a problem! I love the metal applicator which is really cooling and feels amazing when you massage the product into your skin.

You can also use this around your lips to reduce wrinkles – my smile lines are super intense so I love that this product can help out with that. I haven’t seen any real difference in my smile lines just yet, but I do wake up with soft lips every morning so it’s a win for me!

So that’s what I’ve been using to keep my skin happy this winter – although you can’t buy these products as a set, you can find them all individually here! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you’re using to keep your skin soft this winter. See you next time,

A x

*Although I received these products as part of the Skinfluencer programme, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Read more in my disclaimer.

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