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I’m a big fan of Essie nail varnishes, they have such a huge range of colours that are pretty good quality and aren’t too expensive. What I really love about Essie is that they often release new collections or sets for each season, so you can get excited about something new coming out. I’ve managed to gather a little collection (I could definitely do with more!) which I’m going to show you guys today, and let you know some of my favourites from the brand and what I love about them.


Midnight Cami

The shade “Midnight Cami” is one of the first nail varnishes I ever got from Essie. It’s a really pretty metallic, deep blue that is so perfect for Winter, which is when I love to wear it most. I do find that it can be a little bit sheer, which is true for most of the metallic Essie shades, but it’s really buildable and two-three coats are all you need to get a perfect opaque colour. All Essie nail varnishes are £7.99, and although you could probably find a very similar shade to this for a lot cheaper, this nail varnish is pretty good quality and lasts an entire week without chipping! You can buy it here.



“Fiji” is the most beautiful baby pink shade, and is one of my absolute favourite nail varnishes to wear throughout Spring and Summer. This colour looks amazing with a tan, it makes the shade really pop and look very clean! The formula of this nail varnish is also super creamy, so you don’t need many coats to get an opaque coverage! Of course this is a cult classic which any Essie fan should have, and I think it’s definitely worth the hype, buy it here!


Sew Psyched

“Sew Psyched” is a slightly less well-known shade – at least I think so anyways! It’s a very unique khaki/pewter shade which I personally love for Autumn, and the consistency is just as creamy as “Fiji”. I think this polish is worth the money purely for the reason that I have never seen a shade like this before, and I think it’s a really pretty and different colour. If you’re interested in this unique polish, get yourself one here!


Tart Deco

This shade is one of my absolute favourites, I almost went through an entire bottle of it last Summer! It’s the most gorgeous coral shade that is just so summery and beautiful, but not too bright that it’s not easy to wear. This is my staple nail varnish any time I go on holiday, and this is one of the few polishes I could see myself repurchasing in the future. The quality of this varnish is awesome too, you just really can’t go wrong with it! Go and buy it here!


Mint Candy Apple

Another cult classic shade from Essie is “Mint Candy Apple”, my other favourite from the brand. It’s a gorgeous pastel mint colour that again works perfectly in Summer, and is something I use again and again every year. Just like “Tart Deco”, the consistency and quality of this polish is stunning, and is absolutely worth the money. If you only buy one Essie polish make it this one, the colour works for everybody and it’s such an amazing shade, buy it here.


Dive Bar

“Dive Bar” is my favourite shade to wear during Winter, it’s a stunning metallic almost-black blue/green shade that is so unique and almost impossible to describe. It’s also almost impossible to capture on camera, nothing quite does the iridescent colour justice. The formula of this shade isn’t as good as some of the others because it’s a metallic finish, but it’s still really buildable and is incredibly long-lasting. Buy one here!


Sparkle On Top

This is one of the few sparkly top coats I actually ever use, mainly because it’s a lot easier to take off than glitter is! “Sparkle On Top” has a really pretty holographic finish to it, and the shards in the varnish make your nails look like shattered glass! This adds a really interesting finish to your ordinary manicure, and has a lot of staying power, I really love it! You can get one here.



My final shade is “Wicked”, another shade which would be perfect for Autumn/Winter. It’s a really vampy, dark burgundy colour that looks so pretty on everybody, and the depth of the shade makes me feel really powerful and confident! The formula of this shade is also pretty creamy and doesn’t take a lot of coats to build up, plus it really does last a super long time. If you’re interested in this varnish you can get it here!

So that’s my entire collection! I use and love all of these shades, and I know I’ll definitely be buying more Essie polishes in the future because they really are great quality. Let me know in the comments section what some of your favourite Essie nail varnishes are, or if this post helped you to find some new shades that you love!


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