How to Create the Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

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As any Instagram influencer will tell you, an eye-catching IG will get you more followers and help you gain more revenue. Suddenly, curating your photos doesn’t sound like such a painstakingly contrived task. But even if you are already doing this, it seems you’ll always stumble on another who has it down much better than you do. If you’ve ever felt this way, then we’re so happy you’re reading now. Today we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can develop and enhance your Instagram aesthetic.

Expose yourself

No, not like that. What we mean is, people connect quicker and more efficiently with people who have no problem showing who they are. If you’re struggling to choose a part of your personality to run with and develop, stop right now. Curating the right aesthetic isn’t about not showing certain things, but handpicking others and highlighting their strengths. So, think about what makes you tick. What kind of scenery moves you? What items do you use daily? What excites you? What do you think is worth talking about? These are all viable questions to ask yourself when deciding what kind of vibe you want to set. Once you make that decision, curating will come naturally.

Color coordination

Perhaps the most impressively eye-catching thing about many influencers’ Instagrams is their ability to stick with a color scheme over some time. That takes close attention to detail and a lot of dedication. If you’re stressing over the color scheme, consider other information you would like to highlight in your photos. Maybe you want sharpened photos, or perhaps you’d prefer posting softer photos. Choose one aspect and go with it. That way, you can widen your color palette without worrying whether it matches the rest of your feed.

Contrast and balance

Let’s say, though, that your persona is a bit unruly and doesn’t feel like following the tip above. In that case, we’re happy to tell you that you can have both–so long as you balance them out. Sloppy feeds look sloppy because their photos don’t balance each other. This relatively unprofessional look is okay for a personal feed, but an aspiring influencer looking to make a side hustle from their social media accounts will have to create a sense of balance on their Instagram consistently. Not only will this consistency be more pleasing to the eye, but it’ll also convey a sense of stability and reliability to your followers. These two together can create a highly prominent social media presence.

An influencer’s life isn’t as pretty as it seems; it takes an annoying amount of attention to detail to build a perfectly harmonized social media presence. For some people, this is too much work to bother with; they’d rather use social media to relax and blow off steam. However, it’s hard to deny the business benefits you can reap from maintaining polished accounts, and websites like macro photography can jumpstart your new Instagram aesthetic. Thanks for reading and happy posting!

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