Makeup Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Flawless

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We may all dream of having a flawless complexion, but the fact is that having poreless, blemish-free skin all the time is completely unrealistic – and that’s okay! Nobody has airbrushed skin in real life, not even the models you see on billboards, so we all need to cut ourselves a little stick and stop trying to meet impossible standards for our skin. However, if you do want to even out your complexion sometimes and create a smoother looking texture, you can rely on top-quality makeup products to cover any blemishes and give you that impeccable complexion effect.

However, buying the right products isn’t enough to guarantee flawless skin. If you really want to get an airbrushed effect, take a look at the makeup tricks and techniques you need to be using:

Refine Your Skincare Routine

Flawless skin is the beauty holy grail and it begins way before you reach for the foundation. In fact, your skincare routine has a major impact on how healthy your skin looks. If you want to enhance your complexion, consider overhauling your skincare routine. Your skin changes over time, so products that worked wonders a year or a month ago may no longer suit your skincare needs.

Instead of sticking to the status quo, find a range of products that suit your skin. If you’re experiencing breakouts, for example, you might want to use a cleanser that’s designed for oily or combination skin. Alternatively, if you’re spending more time outdoors, a richer moisturiser formulated for dry skin might be just what you need.

Use Primer as a Base

Before you begin applying makeup, you’ll want to ensure it has a good base to sit on. Using a primer helps you to do just that. By minimising pores and giving your skin a silky finish, a primer makes it easier to get that smooth, flawless result. The right primer will also cover dry, flaky patches and make bumpy textures appear more even, so you can cater it around your skin type.

What’s more – you can use a primer that’s designed to resolve any skin issues you’d like to hide. If you’re prone to redness, for example, choose a colour-correcting primer with green pigment to help even out skin tone. Similarly, a mattifying primer can reduce the shine that appears on oily skin, while a silicone-free primer is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin.

Pexels – CCO Licence

Find the Right Foundation

When it comes to finding the perfect foundation, you might want to try a few different varieties until you come across the formula that delivers the best results. Firstly, you’ll need to consider whether you want to use a liquid, powder, mousse, stick, mineral, cushion or cream foundation.

Liquid foundation can work well on all skin types, and the range of formulas make it easy to get the level of coverage you’d like, while cream foundations are designed to deliver maximum coverage. The extra air in a mousse foundation means it’s more lightweight whilst still offering a high level of coverage, and typically creates a matte finish.

Foundation sticks are super convenient, but they can be tricky to use if your skin is very dry. For sensitive skin, a mineral foundation can be a great option, while powder foundation offers light coverage and is super-easy to apply. If you’re looking for a lighter coverage than foundation but a little more than BB or CC cream, cushion foundation is your best bet.

Colour Match Your Concealer

If you want to enjoy a flawless complexion, concealer is a must-have product. Allowing you to target problem areas, like dark circles, blemishes and large pores, it can enhance your look and blend seamlessly with your foundation.

However, the trick to getting a stunning complexion is to ensure you’ve got the right shade of concealer. By spending time getting the perfect concealer match, you can ensure that it enhances your natural features while covering imperfections. The wrong shade can make imperfections more noticeable, so it’s well worth spending a little time finding the perfect hue!

Again, there are plenty of different types of concealer out there, so experiment as much as you can to find the perfect products. If you want to cover dark circles, for example, a colour-correcting concealer can be a great option. Alternatively, to showcase your best features, you can add a little contour with highlighting concealer.

Maintaining Flawless Skin

Now you know exactly how to achieve a flawless complexion, you’ll be eager to keep your skin looking smooth and even at all times. While genetics and lifestyle are largely responsible for our skin type, you can ensure your skin looks its best with a consistent skincare routine. By removing your makeup every night, exfoliating weekly and adding moisture, for example, you can help to keep your skin looking its best. You can then enhance your appearance with primer, foundation and concealer to ensure you’ve always got a flawless, glowing complexion.

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