My Ultimate Tropical Smoothie Bowl | Recipe

Smoothie bowls are one of my all-time favourite things to eat – especially during the summer! They’re not just the most instagrammable food you’ll find, they’re also delicious, refreshing, and packed full of goodness. Smoothie bowls are perfect for anytime – breakfast, lunch, dessert, or just as a snack! They only take a few minutes to throw together but they do so much good for your body.

You can of course switch up the fruit combos (I will definitely be writing up more smoothie bowl recipes so check back here often!), or just play around with different toppings. If you wanted to get cute, you could even set up a smoothie bowl party with a toppings station so everyone could create their own bowl! I’m always trying out new flavour combinations in an attempt to find a favourite, and boy do I think I’ve found it.

My ultimate tropical smoothie bowl is a mango, raspberry, and kiwi combo that’s packed full of flavour – I could honestly eat it forever! The addition of the mango makes this the creamiest, smoothest texture ever (some people like to use bananas, but if you’re like me and don’t love how sweet bananas can be then mango is a great alternative!). It’s a very sorbet-like treat, just healthy!

The options are honestly endless, and once you start making smoothie bowls you won’t be able to stop – especially this one! So without further ado, here’s the recipe…

What you’ll need (serves 1):

  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 frozen kiwi
  • 1/4 cup plant milk (I like coconut)
  • Optional toppings: granola, coconut chips, chia seeds, nut butter, fruit, nuts

How to make:

  1. Add the frozen fruit and plant milk into a high-powered blender. Begin pulsing together before blending on high for between 1-2 minutes, using a spoon or blender tamper to push down the fruit. Add more milk as necessary to create a smooth blend.
  2. Once everything is blended and looking smooth, transfer the smoothie into your favourite bowl (I recommend a coconut bowl for the ultimate experience!).
  3. Decorate your smoothie bowl with the toppings of your choice. My favourites are coconut chips, almonds, chia seeds, and almond/peanut butter, but go wild and top that bowl to your heart’s content!
  4. Snap a few pics (believe me, you’ll want to) and enjoy!

I told you this recipe was easy! If you’re an ice cream addict like I am, this is such a perfect and healthy alternative that not only tastes good but will make you feel good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, let me know in the comments if you try it out and what fruit combo you’d like to see me make next! See you next time,

A x

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